Shannon Skinner

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Thank you for taking the time to visit our sight.  My name is Shannon Skinner, the Pastor here at the First Church of God in Farmington MO.  I have been the pastor here since 2014 but I was also born in Farmington.  I married my high school sweetheart, Jennifer, in 1991 and together we have two children Alicen and Zachary.

My desire is that through the continuing work of the Holy Spirit, I want to equip and build up the body of Christ through loving, serving, teaching and preaching; so that others might win at this thing we call life.  We all need help from time to time and God has called me to do just that, help others.  I firmly believe that we are not just simply to love God, but passionately love God.  In doing so we are called to serve those around us through various forms of support, our actions, in love and by our example.  This requires sacrifice on a level that can only be defined by love.

Jesus died so that we could live, what a beautiful message of hope that must be shared.  As a pastor I have been given the task to share this message through word and service.  I want to do this with my whole heart, mind and soul.

I look forward to a time when Jennifer and I can get to know you a little better and maybe share a meal.  Until then, may God bless you and yours with amazing love.




  February 2021  
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